Research Infrastructure

The AgRob platform is intended for the measurement of variability (data acquisition / sensing / monitoring), particularly in steep slope vineyards. Among other innovative features, this robotic platform is designed in a way to adapt to sloping and uneven terrains and is equipped with an advanced navigation system that allows you to estimate its location even when GPS is not fully available. AgRob is being developed in a modular way, and in the near future, besides variability measurement tasks, it can be used to work with variable rate (precision spraying), robotic manipulators for pruning/harvesting operations. All this features will provide to the winemakers the means to help them take important decisions increasing wine quality and production.


Our team has three robotic platforms to research and develop robotic components:

  • Localization and Mapping (robustness to GNSS/GPS faults);
  • Path planning (for steep slope vineyards);
  • Visual perception;
  • Manipulation;
  • Safety.

Our robotic platforms: